Launch of Medvedí Brloh Strachan and the new quad chairlift at Strachan Ski Centrum


A blanket of snow over everything, chairlifts all hung, final preparations in Brloh in full swing.

“23rd December 2017”

Ski season is open – the first skiers out early to try the freshly groomed corduroy snow. No ski passes needed today – everyone skis free on the first day.

It began with the christening of the new quad chairlift that replaced the rope tows. The “godfather” was Rišo Králik, who commenced the christening by smashing a bottle of Prosecco tied to a rope against the first stanchion of the ski lift.

After a speech by Mr Strachan, the christening continued with the ribbon-cutting at Brloh to the accompaniment of the extraordinary rhythms of the drum show performed by Campana Batucada. We would like to thank everyone who had a hand in the creation of this one-of-a-kind ski complex!