Mama bears, papa bears and baby bears now all have a new place to gather and nosh – the Medvedí Brloh Strachan restaurant.

This stylish new restaurant is located in the Strachan Ski Centrum in the picturesque village of Ždiar, situated beneath the ridge of the Belianské Tatras mountain range. We offer a wide range of menu items to choose from, with something for everyone whether you prefer local specialities such as halushky (potato gnocchi) and pierogi, or perhaps a handcrafted burger. Baby bears are always up for some of our famous crepes, and those just a wee bit older are in for a treat too – our special Strachanovica. This spirit is made from the juiciest of the wild blueberries growing in the Tatras.

What’s happening at Brloh?

Bears don’t hibernate in summer. They’re always up to something, and here’s a little taste.

Upcoming events:

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