Once upon a time when we were trying to come up with names we looked for help to the Yellow Pages, the phone book, or just took the names of mountain ranges, the highest peaks, the cutest animals…

Today, it’s all completely different!

We thought a Facebook competition would be the best way to go.

On 16th October 2017, we announced a competition for the best name for our restaurant. The only condition was that the name had to have the words medveď (bear) and Strachan.

We received many inventive suggestions every day, such as Medvedica Strachanica, Medvedí Strachanát, Medvede u Strachana, and many more…

The winning name was “MEDVEDÍ BRLOH STRACHAN”, which was submitted by frequent visitor to Wellness Penziónu***Strachan,

Ms Ivanka Foltínová. For her efforts she won a family ski pass for 4 to our ski resort, Strachan Ski Centrum in Ždiar.


Congratulations to the winner and thank you for coming up with a name that caught on!