Our story

How it all started

It was supposed to be just a joke. Do you know the name of the largest hotel in the Tatras? Ždiar, of course. It was predestined by its location in the middle of picturesque nature, the atypical, almost scattered arrangement of houses on the southern slopes of Spišská Magura and the landscape's fascinating views of the dominant Belianske Tatras. The history of the "hotel" Ždiar then playfully unfolded from all this. There was hardly a family that would not provide a shelter, a bed and something to eat for nature-starved tourists. And so, the history of tourism services in Ždiar slowly began to be written. Legend has it that the village was named after the bright light of Zornička. The bright light of Ždiar seems to have a positive influence on the life of the village, which even in the age of over-technological society carries the adjective “peculiar”. And people like to go for that peculiarity.

First written mention

Ždiar is derived from the goral word "Zor" - a bright star that shone at night through the only window of the woodshed of one of the coal miners in Široká dolina. According to oral tradition, the first settlers settled in Bachledova dolina, and new settlements were established on the Antošovská hill, Pavlovská valley, Blaščacká valley, Bartušovská velley and Slodičovská hill. In these scattered settlements, the village estate was divided into equal parts, the so-called “zárubky” (fields) according to the number of settlers.


The beginnings of tourism

Ždiar was also promoted as follows: "Ždiar is a unique goral village and there is no local tax. Here you will experience the “shepherds idyl” and have fun among good people. The pastures smell of strawberries and chamois and ibex scamper over the rocks." The first 5 guests came to Ždiar for recreation. Their number grew from year to year. Tourists were attracted to this forgotten region by propaganda thanks to the films “Zem spieva” (The Earth Sings), “Šenkářka u divoké krásy” (The Innkeeper 'At the Wild Beauty') and “Tatranská romance” (Tatra’s Romance).


First own accommodation

Janka Strachanova's parents, Anna and Vincent Adamjak, are opening a private apartment with 3 rooms in their house. Later, they turned the house into two attic rooms.. The guests used a shared bathroom with a bathtub, a sink with warm running water and a shared toilet in the corridor.


The beginnings of agrotourism

In the summer, Ždiar was visited by guests mainly from Germany and the Czech Republic. They fell in love with it immediately because of its unique folk character. The locals involved them in everyday household tasks such as mowing and drying of hay or milking of cows. The stay order was made in written form. Payment was often made with imported goods (bed linen, electronics, bicycles). Preserves (blueberries, raspberries) and dried mushrooms were brought back.


Pension Strachan

The couple, Janka and Jaro, built their first guesthouse with 7 rooms on their parents' property in Ždiar. A restaurant was also part of it. Two more rooms were added in the attic 2 years later. The first guests were skiers from Michalovce.


Family business

It started with one employee who, together with Janka and Jaro, started the family business. Every year, the number of new colleagues increased. Since 2005, it has been a tradition to repay and thank employees who have worked with them for more than 1 year by taking them somewhere on a joint "family" trip. Thanks to them, we visited Prague, Bratislava, Kraków, Vienna, London by air, and many other beautiful places in Slovakia and abroad.


Ski centre Strachan

With the purchase of land on "Mikolajsky", the gradual construction of 3 ski tows began, including the construction of buffets, a ski rental shops and a parking lot. From the confluence of forest streams, a reservoir was built for producing snow for the ski slope above the village of Osturňa.


Strachan Cup

The idea to organize the Strachan Cup was born after a not very successful children's race in the village, where only the first three places were awarded. The other children left sad. That same year, a trial zero year was held with an excellent response from the starters, because it is not important to be the best and win, but to come, participate and, above all, have fun.


Hotel Bachledka *** Strachan

The Ski Bachledova centre is approaching Jaro Strachan for the completion and operation of Hotel Bachledka***. Subsequently, the name changes to Hotel Bachledka*** Strachan. The newly built hotel had 20 rooms, a wellness centre and a restaurant that served as fast food for skiers in the winter. A year later, the kitchen was enlarged, above which a terrace with a jacuzzi, the so-called “Bear bath” with usability throughout the year.


Wellness Pension*** Strachan

The increasing demands of the guests and the insufficient capacity of the guesthouse led to the decision of a complete reconstruction and extension. After 8 months (May - December), guests could admire new rooms, a larger restaurant, a wellness centre and a children's corner.


Minigolf and children's playground

A new 9-hole course with various obstacles that imitate the real terrain has grown near the guesthouse. At each hole there is one animal living in this region, about which you can learn something new. The minigolf also includes a children's playground with a climbing wall and climbing frames.


Gradual transformation

The hotel goes from an economic lease to the private ownership of the Strachan family. It is the first step towards its gradual transformation and increasing of overall comfort.


Reconstruction of rooms

Rooms on the two floors were renovated in the hotel. Brushed wood, wooden beams on the ceilings from old barns serving as lighting, leather and metal elements became the dominant element giving the rooms an atmosphere.


Summer attractions

An outdoor swimming pool was purchased for the summer season in Bachledka, which was a pleasant refreshment during warm days. The animals from our mini-farm near the hotel - calves, sheep, goats, and bunnies - are also very popular.



42% distillate from blueberry macerate. The idea of own alcohol originated at the TREND conference, where the Wellness Penzión*** Strachan received the award: Best guesthouse of the year. Since then, we have been welcoming every guest in our facilities with it. The R. Jelínek company started producing Strachanovica for us. At first in 0.2l bottles, and gradually 0.7l and 3.0l bottles were added. The last one is a miniature with a content of 0.05l.


Skicross - Ski centre Strachan

Newly built ski track with landscaping - jumps, waves, and banked turns. With a length of 580 meters, it offers perfect fun in three lines - Free style (4 obstacles + auto-obstacle), Skicross (5 banked turns, 4 waves, 1 double wave, 1 auto-obstacle) and Baby jump (6 natural waves).


Hotel Bachledka**** Strachan

The 3* hotel became the first 4* hotel in the Belianske Tatras. Positive responses to the renovated new rooms on the 2nd floor started the next stage of transformation. All rooms on the 3rd floor inspired by Ždiar architecture, all bathrooms, corridors, and reception underwent a complete change. The restaurant changed its character and acquired a new style with motifs of folk, goral and Ruthenian elements. 4 rooms and a children's corner with a congress room were added.


Rusyn rooms

Rusyn rooms The four rooms that were created in the annex were furnished with hand-painted wooden furniture with an undertone of Rusyn culture, which is characterized by traditional rich decorativeness and colour.


Strachan office house

From the former garages in the village of Ždiar, staff accommodation was built with the help of a two-story superstructure. Thanks to this, our employees have comfort and privacy after work.


4-seater Cable Car

In the summer of 2016, the modernization of the ski centre Ski Centrum Strachan began. The old lifts of the "POMA" type were replaced by a 4-seater cable car.


Medvedí brloh Strachan

Part of the modernization of the ski resort was the construction of a new restaurant Medvedí Brloh Strachan directly on the slope with a terrace and a unique view of the Belianske Tatras. A ski kindergarten with a ski conveyor belt for and other equipment built for children. The Ski Shop complements the comfort of the resort. In January 2017, the new sofa together with the restaurant were ceremonially christened and opened.


Strachan Cuvée

The idea of having own wine originated, as usual, in the heads of Jaro and Janka. We have our own distillate, so why not wine. They have been playing with this idea for a long time, but now the time has come. Tokaj is the most famous wine region, which, in addition to the birth of the royal beverage, also offers many unknowns, for example tuff wine cellars that hide the treasures of eternal youth. Strachan Cuvée is a fresh, light wine with a subtle hint of vanilla, which has been aged for a short time in new oak barrels. The characteristic colour is the golden touch of Tokaj.


Strachankovo Family Park

In addition to thinking about activities for adults, we also do not forget about the little ones who spend their vacation with you. We have created a family park on the ridge of Spišská Magura. Children can get to know the animals and even feed them. Also included are inflatable attractions and the Ždiar legend, which tells the story of the eternal love of two young people - Žofia, a girl from Ždiar, and Matej, a Polish boy. After reading this legend, you will find out who our two highest peaks in the Belianske Tatras are named after


E-bike Rental Strachan

It is better to try once than to hear a hundred times. In the case of an e-bike, it can be taken literally. Driving it is a new experience that is difficult to compare with anything else. That is why it is part of our summer offer, thanks to which you can conquer any hill with ease. While cycling, you can choose how much engine power you need at the moment. Part of the electrical system is a display mounted on the handlebars, which displays information about the current speed, the remaining battery capacity, or the estimated distance to the destination.


Chalet Strachan

Comfortable accommodation, which, unlike a hotel or guesthouse, offers privacy with a unique view of the Belianske Tatras. Comfort is provided by a separate bedroom with a double bed and an atypical sleeping place for children. The social living room with a fully equipped kitchen and balcony will ensure your comfort throughout the day. At the same time, there is a sleeping area for two people above the kitchen. Enjoy the beauty of nature in the summer months and be the first to experience a fresh track on the slopes of the Ski centre Strachan in the winter months.


Magic forest

In the Strachankovo area, we built 5 attractive, thematic houses that fit into the forest environment. Girls can play at Princess Zlatovláska’s castle (“Princess Goldilock”), boys can try shooting with a pinecone. Another interesting place is Janko and Marienka's Gingerbread house, where the witch Marta lives. She also has a shovel ready, with which she plans to put the children in the oven, but she forgot about the shrewdness of the children. Thanks to the above-ground tunnel, they can escape to the house of the Three Little Pigs, from where they can get to the safety of the forest telephone.


Grand Hotel**** Bachledka Strachan

In April 2019, the hotel's doors closed before its biggest transformation. After its pause of more than a year, the hotel has changed beyond recognition. Two new floors with exceptional goral elements and themed rooms have been added. The hotel's swimming pools and wellness facilities, which include a Himalayan salt sauna, a steam, Finnish, and infrared sauna, a jacuzzi, a Kneipp bath and a tepidarium, are used for relaxation. Also, the two new restaurants were built - old Viennese Sisi and traditional goral Zuzana.


Strachan liquor

At the end of the winter season in 2022, the new Strachan drink was christened on a snowy slope. Strachanovica, a 42% blueberry macerated distillate, has been joined by a sweet sister for a gentler clientele. Blueberry distillate combined with blueberry juice created a special drink suitable for all kinds of occasions. Not only in taste, but also in appearance, it impresses when served, for example, with a few pieces of fresh blueberries or in popular cocktails, to which they lend the mysterious scent of a deep forest.



In December, we welcomed with great joy the news that the all-year-round mountain resort Strednica had been taken into our care. Renovation of the restaurant, construction of a photo point or innovations of the ski resort - we had to deal with all of this first. It was challenging but beautiful at the same time and we are extremely happy to have been given this opportunity. We plan to continue to develop the center as best as possible, whether through sports activities or cultural events. We look forward to new challenges in the future.

And our story continues...