On 14th July the first ever annual wine tasting called Vínna cesta v Ždiari (Wine Route in Ždiar) took place in the Belianské Tatra mountains. A total of 6 wineries took part – Berta Strekov, Ostrožovič Tokaj, Valkeer, Château Rubáň, Mrva & Stanko, Via Jur, and Selaví (distributor).

The winemakers behind the wines talked about their history, their wine region and other interesting facts.

All participants had the opportunity to taste a variety of labels and determine which wine to select for their next evening out – or at home.

It’s customary for guests to leave the Medvedí Brloh Strachan restaurant in a good mood and with smiling faces, and 14th June was no different. The wine flowed and good music played – performed by the musical duo GB Birds, and then even by guests who astonished the crowd with their singing talents.

We want to thank all the participating wineries and guests.

“In vino veritas”