Restaurant Medvedí brloh Strachan

We offer a wide range of menu items to choose from, with something for everyone whether you prefer local specialities such as halushky (potato gnocchi) and pierogi, or perhaps a handcrafted burger. Baby bears are always up for some of our famous crepes, and those just a wee bit older are in for a treat too – our special Strachanovica. This spirit is made from the juiciest of the wild blueberries growing in the Tatras.


The slopes of the Tatra giants have always been a source of natural bounty. They bring to mind the deep forests that are home to abundant wildlife and rocky peaks that reach up toward the skies. But one of the treasures of this region can be found in the wild mountain meadows that dot the landscape around Ždiar. Plentiful rain and copious amounts of sunshine ripen the wild blueberries to their full, glorious flavour.
The wild blueberries growing in the mountain meadows inspired us so much we decided to bring them to you in their purest form. Introducing STRACHANOVICA – a blueberry brandy with a harmonious aroma and flavour and subtle blueberry notes.

This unique brandy is difficult to produce, primarily because the blueberries are difficult to gather. It is slow distilled, starting with maceration of the ripe fruit in alcohol for a precisely designated amount of time. The entire mixture is then distilled, drawing out the best of the blueberries for the resulting brandy.

Strachan Cuvée

The family company owned by Jarka and Jaro Ostrožovič needs no introduction. With their beginnings dating back to 1990, these winemakers have the longest tradition in Slovakia’s Tokaj region.

The Tokaj is the smallest yet best-known winegrowing region. Apart from bringing forth this royal beverage the region also offers much of the undiscovered, such as the unique tuff (volcanic ash) cellars that keep the treasures of eternal youth.

The story of Strachan Cuvée

As is their wont, the idea to have their own wine was conceived in the minds of Jaro and Jana Strachan. They figured they already had their own brandy, so they might as well have their own wine too. They had been kicking the idea around for some time, but now was finally the right time. Jaro and Jaro got together on home field at the Wellness Penzión*** Strachan in Ždiar. You can probably guess how it turned out. Agreements were made over a glass of Strachanovica.

Strachan Cuvée is made for the Strachan Group, of which Jaro Strachan’s siblings are a part, so they all headed for a wine tasting to the vineyards in Veľká Tŕňa. Mr Ostrožovič set up 5 unique samplings for them that he doesn’t use for any other wine. They tasted, they assigned scores, they thought long and hard. And finally, they made their choice and today you can taste that choice in our restaurants and bars. A fine, unique wine was born. They selected bottles and labels, and then they were all set for production.

The Strachans and the Ostrožovičes were brought together not just by business, but by their life stories as well. The stories of how they began, how they built their brands, and how they manage everything with success.

Characteristics of Strachan Cuvée

This is a dry white wine with an alcohol content of 12.5% by volume. The grapes are grown in the company’s own vineyards situated in the Tokaj winegrowing region, in the Chotár appellation. It is a blend of the grape varieties Furmint (60%), Lipovina (30%) and Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains (10%). It is a fresh, light reduced wine with a subtle hint of vanilla obtained by brief ageing in new oak casks. Its yellow hue is the characteristic colour of Tokaj.

Our own exclusive wine!